How to Make money blogging for beginners

how to make money blogging

If you open up Pinterest and search for “ways to make extra money”, you can guarantee that over half of the search will yield articles claiming how you make thousands by blogging. And it’s true you can make money blogging, although it takes time and energy to do so.  

This is not a get rich quick scheme for most people although many people run the blog as a passion project rather than as a full-time job.  But in order to turn a passion project into a successful money-making blog, there are a few things that you need to do.

To start

First you need to find a topic. You want to find that perfect balance of providing content that you know a ton and people are interested in.  Then find a niche that will be popular enough to gain a follower ship. You can use Google, Google trends, Reddit to make sure that the topic will popular and is in a growing field. If all of that is in place, you are ready for step two.

Second create great content. This is probably the easiest part. Write about that topic that you know and love. Make sure you have great photography since the blogging world is becoming much more visual and it makes it easier to gain followers using social media.  According to Forbes, most bloggers will post everyday as a way to get  great content on the site.

Third is about creating an audience. This is where social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. are really helpful. You will need to market and promote your blog on the sites. At the same time, you want to gather as many emails as possible.

Emails are useful since you can learn more about your audience but more importantly, you hook them to come back. A great way to build up an email list is to offer a free newsletter or a 5 day email course to learn the tricks of the trade.  through the newsletter, people will come back to your blog rather than be a one time visitor.

Fourth- After you develop an audience, then the real money-making can occur. There are many revenue streams which you can use to make money blogging but as a beginner i would recommend you below six options:-

  1. Advertising

One of the primary steps is to start creating advertising streams. Adsense is one way to incentive your blog, you sell ad space and you get money each time a reader clicks on the ad.   It can be advantageous to skip the Adsense on your blog. It is not a primary means for anyone to make money.  

2. Affiliate Marketing

Instead go straight into affiliate marketing. A great way to learn more about affiliate marketing is to check out the article giving you the full low down on affiliate marketing.  Basically affiliate marketing will give a blogger a kickback for any purchases by the readers.

This is by far the most far the most lucrative and easiest way for bloggers to make money off of ads. Amazon makes is very easy to become an affiliate and everyone loves Amazon to make purchases.

3. Sponsored Ad-post

A sponsored post is a solid income stream. You can make $50-1000 per sponsored ad. Just be careful that you label any sponsored ad as such and that it’s advertisement.  This will keep your reputation intact and can help to avoid any legal issues.

4. E-Book

Another popular and efficient way for bloggers to make money is to create an eBook or printables. This is a way to have a steady stream of passive income with a built-in audience. The Side Hustle School feature how a Ketogenic blogger who makes $2000 a month and part of that success comes from releasing a cookbook that made $1000 on the first day the book was released.

It’s been a continued success and all she did was curate all the recipes she featured on her blog.  An eBook tends to a cheap product and will be the basic way to attract in your audience.

5. Services

Offering services like coaching, freelancing, consulting and doing public speaking is where you can make the big money. You can charge a lot more for your time and skills. Coaching prices can vary based on experience and demand but you can charge anywhere $100-10,000 for coaching.  

6. Sell Blog

If the blog is becoming too much and it’s successful quickly, you can sell the blog.  There’s a whole market of buying and selling successful blogs. You can earn major money by selling the blog to a new owner.  Depending on the terms of the sale, you might still contribute to the blog or have some say in the blogs direction but you don’t have to worry about promoting and marketing your blog on a daily basis.

I hope these tips help. Good luck on creating a money-making blog. With lots of hard-work and treating your blog like it’s a business, you can have a great source of income. Especially considering that most people will blog as a passion project rather than a full-time job. Just remember you need to market and promote your blog and have strong content that keeps the readers coming back for more.

Note- If you treat the blog as if it’s a business that you regularly contribute to and promote, it can make a lot of money.


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