How to Sign off a Professional Email

Sign off for Professional Emails

We all know that we need to have professional or a work voice. This isn’t just true when we talk to people, we have to make sure that we have a professional voice in our emails. Don’t lose your professionalism by forgetting to sign off an email and just being too casual in work emails.


Today, we will talk about some of the common ways to to sign off on a work email so you don’t make a fool of yourself.  Every single one of these sign offs are appropriate to use in a work email without worrying that you are being too informal or too stuffy.



This is the most casual way to end a work email but it’s also very common way to end an email. It’s a fantastic way to end emails related to appointments and information sharing.  That way you can let the person know that you appreciate the time and effort in setting up the appointment or sharing the information with you. It’s casual and to the point.



This is most common go to closing when people need to a bit more formal with work emails especially when writing cover letters or trying to impress boss. It’s a way to let the reader know that you are being truthful, honest and respectful. It’s formal without being unapproachable.


See you,

This is something you might see when corresponding with people based in Europe and they use it just like goodbye. It’s something that is usually used when you know you will see the person in a relatively short time frame (like in a meeting).  This is a still a pretty casual closing for a work email so this would only be use with coworkers and informal meetings.  



This is pretty common as a  sign-off since it’s something that is short for best wishes.  This sign-off carries a middle ground between casual and formal endings. It’s something that is more formal then thanks but less formal then sincerely. You can use it as goodbye situation.  The best thing about this is, how it leaves things with an open ended touch to it.



This is another sign-off that adds an international flavor to the email. This is great sign off style because it always sounds rather posh even though it’s a pretty informal. It’s straddles that professional line while giving yourself a friendly tone to your emails.  Cheers is used just like Thanks or Best would be. Perfect for setting up plans.

Hope you like these tips!


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