How to Avoid Farting

how to avoid farting

Farting can be embarrassing and smelly so most people want to avoid it at all costs. Since it’s a bodily function it can feel like an impossible task but rest assured that you can minimize your farts.


  1. Use the bathroom regularly

Going to the bath regularly can prevent the buildup of gas in your body and thus prevent farts from happening.  It will also help keep the intestine track clear of food matter.

There are so many stories where people think they are going to fart and poop instead or vice versa. It’s far better to do that in the privacy of a bathroom rather than to do it in public.

avoid fart

2. Eat slowly and chew carefully

Farts can develop when the intestine has to work harder to break down the food and there is a  buildup of gas in your intestines. So you want to chew carefully and take your time eating.  Simply by doing eating slowly, you can prevent farts from happening since food is far easier to digest.


3. Keep a food and fart journal

Keeping a food and fart journal, you can find out what foods disagree with your stomach and cause the most amount of farts. Some foods like potatoes, legumes, broccoli, cabbage, pasta and eggs can farts in a lot of people.  While you don’t want to eliminate all of these foods, you can limit the food that disagree with your stomach. The biggest trick is figuring out what foods are causing you the most amount of foods.


4. Avoid carbonated drinks

Carbonated and fizzy drinks contains a lot of gas and will increase your likelihood to fart. If you avoid the gassy drinks, you won’t fart as much. The same can be true with several alcoholic drinks especially cocktails mixed with soda or sparkling water.


5. Take Over The Counter medicines to help digestion

Probiotics and anti-gas medicines like Bean-o can both help to prevent farts from happening in the first place. Probiotics will help settle the food in your stomach and aid in normal digestion.  Anti-gas medicines like Bean-o will prevent gas and bloating from developing if you take the pill prior to eating foods that disagree with your stomach.


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