How to decide- best book to read.

best book to read

Sometimes the hardest part of reading is picking out what to read next. There’s just too many options and it gets overwhelming. So this is how one should pick out their next best book to read. I do one or more of the following techniques.

New Releases by favorite authors/celebrities

First, You look to see if your favourite authors published anything recently. So typically, your favourite authors will publish 1-3 new books every year and I try to have those books on pre-order but everyone once in awhile I will get surprised by a new release that I wasn’t expecting. Reading your favorite authors always tend to be great fun and you know what to expect. For me, I will always pick up a Carrie Vaughn book or a JK Rowling book.

I also love a good memoir- so I will pay attention if any of my favorite celebrities recently published a book. These books allow you to see some different sides to your favorite stars and get to see an insider’s view to their lives. Recently, I loved the Troublemaker by Leah Remini since it gave a peak at what it was like to grow up as a Scientologist and Leonard by William Shatner which was about the friendship Shatner and Nimoy shared.

Books becoming movies or TV shows

Then I look to see if any books are being translated for the big screen. I love reading a book before I see a movie especially if one of my favorite actors/actresses are supposed to be in the movie. This is how I found The Circle by David Eggers. I saw a teaser trailer with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson and got extremely intrigued. I wanted to know The Circle was and what the haunting theme song “They are watching us” was referring to. I got the audiobook and oh my lord, I was not disappointed. It was a fantastic read. Then I rewatched the teaser trailer for The Circle and I wanted to see the movie even more since it looked the movie was a very good translation- accurate to the source material but made some changes to be entertaining and different.

If a friend recommends the book and the book is getting a lot of press for being made into a movie, I will also get intrigued and I want that book immediately. The last book that fell into this category was Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. The premise of the book is amazing but I can see why there have been delays in making this movie but I can see why there have been delays in the movie and won’t be released until 2018. But I rather wait for the special effects and wait for the imagery to be spot on since this book turned into a movie since it requires computer rendering for a simulated world that has 1980s flare on some planets and yet a completely realistic world.

It’s not just the movies that will draw my interest into reading a book. TV series based on books pique my interest. Much like The Circle, I was interested in The Leftovers and Orange is the New Black because they were being turned onto a TV show. I’m about ready to read A Handmai’ds Tale since it’s becoming a series on HULU a (and it was featured on Secrets, Crime, and Audiotape Podcast).

Reading Lists

I also will try to read books from the various ‘Read These Books Before You Die’ or ‘Books You Should Read Before Going to College’ at least a couple times a year. My current favorite list is 300 Books Everyone Should Read at Least Once ( This one has a mix of classics that you will read in school and in popular fiction. It also has a lot of books that aren’t terribly boring.

I like inspiration from these lists since they will remind us what books are considered to be high literature is at a current moment. These lists will often have the same classics or at least the same authors featured yet the exact titles will change from list to list and some books get completely dropped from these lists after a few years. Books from these lists will often teach us about culture and values from a bygone era and they help us to establish a sense of history that is more layered from then just the facts.

I like to use GoodReads book clubs as well. There are thousands of book clubs to be found in the community section on GoodReads. Some meet exclusively in the virtual world while others will meet up locally. At least a few times a year, I will read books that are monthly books selected by Vaginal Fantasy Book Club hosted by Felicia Day, Veronica Belmont, Bonnie Burton and Kiala Kazelbee. Their monthly vlog is fun. Thanks to that book club, I’ve found Uprooted by Naomi Novik. This was a one of those books that draw you into a fantasy world and it’s very magically. I’ve also found Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire and other books. But if these books aren’t your alley, there is a book club on GoodReads that will appeal to your interests.

Hopefully these tips help you find your next book. Don’t stress out too much about the next book. You will find a book. But every book

that has an image above, I highly recommend these books.

Other times I just scroll through books on Amazon/Audible

There are times, I really don’t know what I’m looking for. Typically I will scroll around on Audible since I find audio books easier to enjoy with a busy life but I will do the same thing at Amazon or in a book store. I will see if there is a title and a cover that pulls my attention to it. The title has to sound interesting and the cover has to look either sophisticated or pretty. Sometimes there is no reason to select the books that I do but I’m drawn to it. It’s like how the Supreme Court once defined obscenity by the phrase “I don’t know what it is but I know when I see it.”


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